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Project Information


Surface Type: Vanilla Limestone, Classic Travertine and Silver Travertine


Product Used: META-CRÈME™ | Project Completed: October 2013


Applicator: DTL Construction & Maintenance Ltd, East Yorkshire, UK


The Dry-Treat Solution


META-CRÈME™ was chosen for this project.

The limestone and travertine bathroom tiles will be subject to daily water exposure. If left on the surface for an extended period of time, the water could penetrate the pores of the material causing damage to the substrate of the bathroom tiles. A loss of balance and slipping

on bathroom floors is a common problem homeowner’s face. A sealer should not make abathroom surface any more hazardous.


For this reason META-CRÈME™ was used because its superior penetration and water repellency

will stop the limestone and travertine tiles from being permanently stained. The sealer will also

maintain the wet slip resistance of the bathroom tiles.


META-CRÈME™ permanently bonds to the material through a chemical reaction deep inside the

pores which is why it stands up to traffic and cleaning. The sealer’s permanency means it does

not need to be re-applied regularly so the cost and effort of maintenance is reduced.

Acidic substances than come into contact with travertine and limestone will dissolve the calcium

inside, leaving a rough, dull etch mark. It is recommended to avoid using citrus-scented soaps

or handwash in bathrooms as impregnating sealers do not prevent acid etching.


META-CRÈME™ comes with a 15-year performance warranty when the product is applied by

an Accredited Applicator.


The Project:


This Market Rasen Residence in the United Kingdom has four elegant

bathrooms, tiled in vanilla limestone, classic travertine and silver travertine

covering 1206 sq. ft. Soft, porous natural stone surfaces like limestone and

travertine are susceptible to water and oil-based staining. This is especially

prevalent in a bathroom as the surface is regularly wet.


Special Requirements:


Treated surfaces must become easier to clean and stay looking good for as long as possible, withstanding cleaning processes and traffic.


The wet slip resistant of the surfaces must not be affected


Superior stain protection


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